Air pollution monitoring for mines: a solution for cost effective measurements

Kazakhstan | Cairnet®

Air pollution is one of the main environmental problems to be addressed by the EU.
In order to foster sustainable development and mitigate climate change, it is therefore important to provide national and regional authorities with appropriate measures to reduce criteria pollutants (PM 10, PM2.5, O3, CO2, SO2 and NOx) concentrations in air.

Many cities are not able of meeting the implemented EU standards for particulate matter and NO2. While European Union imposes strict limit values for PM and NO2 in air through its Directive 2008/50/EC, reduction in emissions will become costly.

According to a new environmental standard set a year ago in Kazakhstan, industrial sites of the first category have to be compliant and shall survey and control their pollutants emissions.

Hence, in order to reduce the environmental harmful emissions near an iron ore mine, the management has chosen ENVEA’s Cairnet monitoring mini-station based on PM, SO2 and NO2, featuring Cairsens micro-sensors.

The ambient air quality of sanitary protection zones and the emission sources are now locally monitored and controlled, as well as remotely surveyed from potentially anywhere.

In consequence, it will be possible to develop and carry out all measures to prevent staff’s health issues and guarantee safety.

Local area partner:  GoldenAge

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