Air quality measurement campaigns thanks to Trailbox

In compliance with 2008/50/CE | AC32eCO12e

Customer: Highway construction site

Application: Air quality monitoring before and after construction work has been completed.

Solution: ENVEA Trailbox with CO and NOx reference analyzers. It is possible to add a dust sampler for outdoor use.

User benefits: Use of only the required instruments for the monitoring campaign.

Installation: Fast installation thanks to wheels and handles. Space-saving on the construction site


Do you need to monitor air quality and you don’t want to use a mobile vehicle?

ENVEA provides a trailerable TRAILBOX, easy to use and totally configurable.

It includes an A/C shelter made with insulating material and is designed to host up to 3 ENVEA analyzers of the latest e-Series for continuous measurement.

The Trailbox is compact, easy to use and transport thanks to its wheels and ergonomic handles. One person can thus easily move it around and guaranteeing a quick and smooth on-site installation.

We propose a turnkey solution, including not only the instruments but also data acquisition systems that enable remote control, making TRAILBOX autonomous and versatile in every situation.

The ENVEA TRAILBOX allows to host certified equipment for the continuous measurement of NOx, NH3, SO2, H2S, CO, O3, VOC, HC, PM10 and PM2,5 (AC32eAF22eCO12eO342eVOC72eHC51M and MP101M).


All ENVEA analyzers feature a web-server for remote control. The synoptic and the integrated on-line help assist the operator in the use and management phases. The gas analyzers of the e-Series are environmentally friendly, 95% recyclable, with a low carbon footprint and low power consumption.


  • Features a maximum of 3 e-Series instruments
  • Compact, handy and transportable
  • Resistent to outdoor weather conditons

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