Animal feed: level detection to protect container overfilling
Concentrated feed plant | ProGap 2.0-BS
Customer: Raiffeisen Kraftfuttermittelwerk Dörpen GmbH (Germany)
Material: Animal feed
Installation: Secondary container behind scale
Function: Level detection, overfill protection


In a concentrated animal feed plant, there are four scales in which various components are filled via screw conveyors. Due to the various products, there are different bulk heights in the respective containers. If the height of the material in the containers is too high, the mechanical slider, that is located in the centre of the container, is no longer able to transport the material downstream to the process lines.
Thus, the objective is to prevent possible overfilling in order to optimize the mixing process.


The ProGap 2.0-BS is a universal and flexible sensor consisting of a transmitter and a receiver based on the latest microwave technology.
This technology is used when limit levels of bulk materials are to be detected or objects are to be positioned.
In the application described, the ProGap 2.0-BS is installed to detect possible overfillings in the containers behind the scale.
The contactless level detection allows limit levels in the containers to be identified and mixing processes can be optimized. Due to the filling signal recognition, the ProGap 2.0-BS detects reliably whether a limit level has been reached even during a filling process that interrupts the flow path. The detection range of the sensor is 0.1 to 25 meters.


  • Protection against overfilling of the containers and use of the slider
  • Robust, extremely process-safe and durable sensor technology
  • Reliable detection of limit levels even during the filling process
  • Contactless measurement with very low maintenance requirements

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