Cheongju city Waste-to-Energy plant selects LAS 5000XD TDLS gas analyzer for ammonia slip and process control
Incinerator | LAS 5000XD
Industry: Incinerator in Cheongju city, South Korea
Measurement: Ammonia slip control


Cheongju city, located south of Seoul (South Korea), runs Cheongju city Public Facilities Service Corp. This incineration plant burns waste and generates heat that is used for several outputs such as:

The air volume is thus an important indicator for the control and quality of the roasted coffee. PROBAT was looking for a way to measure the volume flow in the process. Due to the relatively high dust load and the high process temperature (300°C) during the roasting process, a special solution had to be found.

  • heated water for the nearby village. 
  • steam for the industrial complex. 
  • electricity for the national electricity company.
The plant has two lines, including one featuring ENVEA’s MIR 9000 gas monitor for emission control. The incineration process includes NOx emissions abatement while the plant complies with a NOx ELV of 70 ppm The plant management has selected ENVEA’s new in-situ LAS 5000XD TDLS gas analyzer for ammonia slip and process control, with an average NH3 concentration measured of 3 to 5 ppm.


The choice was primarily based on the fast response time offered by the instrument, its convenient installation and a quick service capacity. Indeed, it was looking for a CEMS provider having a local presence. Kenvitech, ENVEA’s partner in South Korea, is located nearby. The company – a key player in the domain – is headquartered in Seoul and has indeed 5 branch offices across the country.

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