Continuous material flow detection (Flow / NoFlow) – Application overview
Application overview | FlowJam
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The FlowJam detects streams of solids of all types by monitoring material movement. It distinguishes between the following switch conditions:

  • Material flow
  • Material blockage / standstill or empty pipe

The FlowJam is completely insensitive to coatings on the sensor window and measures straight through all non-metallic pipelines. No contact with the material is required. The distance for this can be up to 2 metres. The sensor is even capable of detecting very small material quantities. The FlowJam S (separate version, sensor and DIN Rail electronics) can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. This system can be used to detect almost every type of solid with temperatures up to 1000 °C and pressures up to 20 bar.


he system uses the very latest microwave technology with the material movement being detected by using the Doppler effect.

The FlowJam is a very reliable device since microwaves can pass through material accumulations on the sensor and still detect material movements beyond them.

The measurement can be taken from outside all non-metallic tank walls, housings, hose lines or pipelines.

If not, plastic or plexiglas windows can be used.

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FlowJam – Continuous material flow detection (Flow / NoFlow)

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