Emission monitoring in a hollow glass production plant

Glass manufacturer in Italy | StackFlow 200Stack 710MIR FT


The client, already familiar with ENVEA’s products through previous collaborations, was looking for a continuous emission monitoring solution to equip a new hollow glass production and processing plant for liquid containers.


The company needed an emissions monitoring system compliant with the current regulations as required by the AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization), that is QAL1-certified according to EN 15267-3

The objective was to monitor the gaseous emissions (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, O2, H2O, HCl and HF, dust) flow rate, temperature and absolute pressure of flue gases near the melting furnace stack. And to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

The client turned to ENVEA because of the efficiency the group demonstrated in the past both on the analytical and technical support/maintenance side.


ENVEA proposed and installed a complete package consisting of a MIR FT (Fourier transform IR multiparameter analyzer), a Stack 710 (opacimeter) and a Stackflow 200 (Pitot capable of measuring flow rate, temperature and pressure with a single chimney bore) totally meeting the customer’s requirements.

The turnkey solution included the analyzers, DAHS system and the shelter.

ENVEA’s technical team coordinated the installation, conducting extensive testing to ensure data accuracy and reliability.


Thanks to ENVEA’s solution, the client achieved optimized, real-time management of emissions in compliance with environmental regulations. The accurate data provided enabled the client to make key decisions and demonstrate compliance to regulatory authorities.

The company was especially satisfied with the ENVEA team technical expertise and professionalism.

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