Mass flow measurement in milk production
Casein manufacturer (milk refining) | SolidFlow 2.0
Customer: Casein manufacturer (milk refining)
Material: Casein
Installation: In a pneumatic line downstream of a storage container
Function: Material flow monitoring of the upstream rotary valve. Early detection of blockages and control of the material flow for the downstream dryer.


In the milk production, the refinement of the raw milk is an crucial process step. An important part of this is the handling with casein.
Our customer in the milk powder industry has different storage containers with the casein standing on weighing cells. Those containers are emptied via rotary valves. From there the casein is transported to the dryer and to the following processes.


The SolidFlow 2.0 measures a continuous mass flow up to 20 t/h in free fall and in pneumatic conveying.
In the application described, the SolidFlow 2.0 sensor is installed to measure the output of casein from the upstream
rotary valve. By knowing the flow rates a clogging of the downstream dryer for the casein material drying can be detected on the basis of the trend signal.


  • Early detection of clogging of the dryer
  • Less material loss
  • Easy installation via weld-on socket
  • Uses active roping compensation for highest reliability

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