Mass flow measurement of Waelz oxide
Manufacturer of Waelz oxide | SolidFlow 2.0
Customer: Manufacturer of Waelz oxide (Germany)
Material: Waelz oxide
Quantity: Approx. 5 t/h
Installation: In the pipe
Function: Precise measurement of the flow rate
Evaluation unit: DIN Rail


Residual materials containing zinc are processed using the Waelz process method which utilizes a rotary kiln. Waelz oxide is the main recovered product from this process.
Up to now, theoretical calculations have determined the quantity of Waelz oxide produced at the plant. In future, the exact quantity produced will be recorded in the process control system.


The SolidFlow 2.0 can be calibrated and transmits the precise data to the control system. It can be installed in free-fall or in pneumatic transport systems.

Ease of installation and the simple calibration feature makes the SolidFlow 2.0 an extremely effective flowmeter for bulk solids.

Due to the robust, durable design, the measuring system is almost maintenance free. The sensor does not protrude into the product flow.

Due to the size of the pipeline, two SolidFlow 2.0 sensors were installed to achieve an accurate measurement result.


  • Accurate measurement of flow rates
  • Robust, durable, process-safe sensor system
  • Simple and fast calibration
  • Non-intrusive installation in the conveying stream

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