Moisture measurement of sand in cement production
Cement manufacturer | M-Sens 3
Customer: Cement manufacturer (Germany)
Material: Sand
Moisture range: 0 – 10%
Installation: Conveyor belt (installation with shuttle)
Function: Online moisture measurement during sand conveying


For the production of cement, sand is taken as raw material either directly from ship delivery or from internal storage facilities.
Experience shows that the material has a higher moisture level when delivered by ship. Previously, the material moisture was checked manually in the laboratory. The customer was now looking for a continuous moisture monitoring system for the sand transportation.


The M-Sens 3 is a sensor for continuous measurement of the material moisture of bulk solids. It measures very accurately and is reliable, robust and easy to operate.
In the application described, the M-Sens 3 is installed directly on the conveyor belt with a shuttle. In this way, the moisture content of the sand can be measured continuously.
The work required to take samples and check the moisture level in the laboratory is thus no longer necessary, saving time and costs.


  • Continuous moisture monitoring in real time
  • Manual material sampling for moisture determination no longer necessary
  • Automated and continuous moisture measurement (process optimization)
  • Simple and fast calibration of the sensor
  • Sensor provides additional information on material flow and material temperature

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