Moisture measurement of wood chips with M-Sens
Biomass power plant | M-Sens
Customer: Biogas plant
Product: Wood chips
Moisture range: 20 – 60 %
Installation: After the shredding machine
Function: Measuring the moisture of wood chips


In a biomass power plant, the combustion of biomass generates electricity and heat.
The operator of a biofuel plant was looking for a solution that would provide him with information on the moisture content of the biomass (wood chips) before transportation into the combustion chamber in order to optimally adjust the combustion air.


The M-Sens continuously measures the material moisture of all kinds of solids in container outlets, conveyor belts, screw conveyors, mixers and belt dryers.
In the described application the M-Sens WR is used. The M-Sens WR is especially used for coarser materials and for higher moisture values.
For applications with wood dusts with a lower moisture value the standard M-Sens is used.
Typical installation locations are e. g. in a silo outlet or in a screw conveyor.


  • Optimal control of the combustion air
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Process optimization

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