Online flow measurement of fly ash to control process conditions
Cement plant | SolidFlow 2.0
Customer: Cement plant
Material: Fly ash
Installation: After hopper and screw feeder
Function: Online information about the quality of flow condition


Fly ash does have the tendency to create blockages in the cone of the hopper and screw feeder.
Our customer was looking for a solution to provide information about the quantity of material flow behind the hopper to control the flow condition.


SolidFlow 2.0 is specially designed for mass flow measurement of solids up to 20 t/h in free fall and in pneumatic applications and has an active roping compensation.
This allows measurement errors that occur due to roping to be compensated.
In the described application SolidFlow 2.0 is used to measure the quantity of fly ash behind the hopper and screw feeder. The flow measurement will give online information that provides important conclusions about the quality of the material transport. For example, blockages in the silo cone and in the rotary valve can be detected.


  • Information about the quality of flow condition
  • Control of material process
  • Process optimization

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