Pigment particulate emissions monitoring in a chemical plant in Indonesia
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What was the challenge of the customer?
A chemical plant in Indonesia that produces pigments for various applications faced the challenge of avoiding emissions of particulate matter into the air, in case of failure of their bag filters. Indeed, there had been problems with the bag filter in the past. And in those situations, a lot of pigment particles were sent to the neighborhood, what caused a lot of concern and increased the control from local authorities. The environmental agency then required that it complies with maintaining the particulate emissions concentration level up to 50 mg/m3. The plant manager wanted to find a cost-effective solution that included local technical support and calibration service.

Solution provided

In order to avoid emissions of pigments particulate matter, the plant manager in Indonesia decided to call on ENVEA and its Particulate Measurement device ProSens EX. The sensor, featuring Electrodynamic Technology, measures the concentration of particulate matter in flue gas.


The ProSens EX was installed on the baghouse outlet, so the chemical plant can now ensure the correct baghouse performance, avoid downtime and plan maintenance accordingly. The sensor enables a real-time alarm in case of bag failure. Finally, it guarantees the plant complies with the dust concentration value limit of 50 mg/m3.

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