Solar AQMS – World’s 1st solar powered AQMS station

Air quality Monitoring System | e-Series: AC32e, CO12e, AF22e, O342e & MP101M

Well known for its pioneering role with regards to sustainable innovation, ENVEA is the first manufacturer in the world offering tropical climate class air pollution monitors. Furthermore, as they can be 24V power supplied and significantly reduced energy use, the e-Series monitors have made possible the building of a complete solar powered AQMS station.

Installed since June in ENVEA’s Headquarters in Paris area, the first all-in-one and standalone AQMS monitoring station has withstand succesfully during the summer temperatures up to 50 °C without air conditioning and without connection to the power grid. Enclosing 5 air quality monitors, the solar station measures criteria gases and fine particulates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week being powered only by solar energy.

Able to be installed in isolated site, this innovation is major for air pollution monitoring networks for many countries or sites where power grids are unavailable, unstable or very random, with frequent power outages.

The reference monitoring station encloses the well-known eco-designed e-Series pollution monitors, QAL 1 certified and US-EPA approved, offering the best metrological performances on the market for the continuous monitoring of O₃, NO₂, SO₂, CO and fine particulates PM10 or PM2.5.

The station being equipped with data acquisition & handling system, the measured parameters are automatically transmitted wirelessly to a central server for data management and overall supervision.

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