South Africa: 18 air pollution monitoring stations provided by ENVEA

Monitoring of air pollution in harbours and industrial areas | AQMS

Client : Transnet National Ports Authority & Ekurhuleni municipality

Number of AAQMS stations : 18

Installation: 8 fully equipped air quality monitoring stations in the 6 ports managed by the Transnet National Ports Authority + 10 retrofitted and upgraded existing air quality monitoring stations in the Ekurhuleni area

ENVEA (ex. Environnement S.A) and its South African distributor Ansyco SA have won 2 prestigious projects in South Africa. The first one consists in the supply of 8 complete air quality measurement stations spread over the 6 ports managed by the Transnet National Ports Authority. The stations are equipped with AF22e / AC32e / MP101M / ZAG7001 / MGC101 analyzers as well as e-SAM data acquisition systems, connected to a central XR server which allows the collection, processing and global supervision of all data related to air pollution generated by the measuring devices.

The 2nd project concerns the upgrading of the air quality monitoring network in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM). EMM encompasses a powerful industrial area with multiple manufacturing and processing industries. Due to these heavy industries, EMM falls under the priority area which makes it very sensitive to air pollution. The Municipality has defined an ambitious air quality management and pollution prevention plan in recent years.

“The Ekurhuleni area has many sources of air pollution such as domestic coal, industries and mines; the city, wishes to channel all its resources to improve the air quality,” explained Themba Gadebe, spokesperson for the Ekurhuleni municipality.

Thus, the 10 existing air quality monitoring stations will benefit from a complete revamping. The existing measuring devices have been replaced by about 30 latest generation ENVEA analysers: AF22e / CO12e / AC32e / VOC72M / O342e / MP101M as well as gas generators and calibrators ZAG7001 / MGC101. These ultra-modern and eco-designed monitors allow to measure permanently and with a high reliability pollutants such as: SO2, CO, NO/NO2-NOx, VOCs and benzene, O3, fine particles PM10 and PM2.5.

The project has been realized in 2018 and allow the Municipality to accurately map the main sources of pollution in order to define prevention plans and best practices for air quality management.

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