Steel industry: new CEMS monitoring project for ENVEA in Egypt
Suez Steel CO is an Egyptian group involved in the production of various steel products.

It is an integrated unit that produces steel from raw materials and includes a direct reduction plant, two iron smelting plants and four rolling mill units, all located in the Suez region of Egypt.

Its total production capacity is 2 million tons of steel per year, including 1.5 million tons of finished products.

Suez Steel Company has granted ENVEA’s local distributor Egypt Scientific to provide the CEMS monitoring solutions to equip their plants’ stacks. Both companies have previously worked together, the customer being assured by Egypt Scientific’s extensive experience and knowhow regarding environmental monitoring.

What is the project about?

The project was done in three phases:

  • Lime Plant: 2 stacks
  • Steel Melting Plant: 3 stacks
  • Rolling Mill Plant: 2 stacks
Each stack has been equipped with continuous monitoring solutions to measure particulates, gas pollutants (O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2) as well as flue gas flow monitoring according to the regulatory requirements and with compliance reporting solutions sending the data to EEAA (Egypt Environmental Agency).

What made difference?

Egypt Scientific endorsed a proven turnkey solution based on compliance gas monitors MIR 9000 and the MIR 9000 CLD, both offering excellent performance for multi-gas measurements in cold dry extractive sampling together with Stack 990 for particulate monitoring.

Egypt Scientific company was established in 2001. It is specialized in the environmental field and supplies portable & online solutions for continuous pollutant monitoring (CEMS and AQMS). It also provides environmental impact assessment studies, consulting, and measurements.

The company has been cooperating with ENVEA since 2011 and has managed number of ENVEA’s monitoring projects in Egypt:

Air Quality Monitoring Solutions (AQMS):

  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
  • East Delta Power Plant for Electricity Production (Shabab – Ismailia)
  • South Helwan Electricity Station
  • Beni Suef Power Station (Ghayada)
  • West Damietta Power Station
  • Cairo Petroleum Refining Company

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solutions (CEMS)

  • Cairo Petroleum Refining Company
  • Al Nahda Industries Company
  • Assiut Oil Refining Company
  • Suez Oil Processing Petroleum Company
  • Suez Steel Company
  • Al Tebeen Power Station
  • Nubaria Power Station
  • North Giza Electricity Station
  • Royal Cement Factory, etc

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