Volume measurement in the supply air flow of exhaust gas cleaning
Energy & Environment | PicoFlow
Customer: Incineration plant (Germany)
Product: Hearth furnace coke (HFC), lime hydrate
Conveyed volumes: 64 – 100 kg/h
Conveyor mechanism: Rotary valve
Installation location: Conveying air stream, exhaust gas cleaning
Solution: PicoFlow is specially developed for measuring powder flow in transport lines with very low material concentrations. The measuring system delivers absolute values in g/h or kg/h. In the described application the dosing of two materials, hearth furnace coke and lime hydrate, into the exhaust streamis required to be measured. Furthermore the rotary valve, used for material dosing, requires to be monitored. The rotary valve can become clogged with material, therefore the material supply is interrupted at certain intervals. If the used PicoFlow continues to measure small material quantities, it can be assumed, that the internal of the rotary feeder requires cleaning. The PicoFlow transmits the actual material volume to the plant control room.
Client benefits:

  • Continuous flow measurement at low air/solid ratios
  • Documentation of material consumption