Wet materials cause blockages – avoid downtime with continuous moisture measurement
Plastics industry | M-Sens 2
Customer: Plastics industry
Material: PE granules
Humidity range: Differentiation dry – humid
Installation: Hopper outlet after bagging plant
Function: Control of the moisture content in the delivered raw material (PE granulate)


A company from the plastics processing industry was looking for a way to detect moisture in the material delivery of its bagging plant in order to be able to recognize at an early stage whether material that is too moist is being blown into the following silo. In the past, this led to enormous difficulties when discharging material from the silo. In addition, a solution was sought to be able to monitor the suppliers of the raw material (PE granules) with regard to the permissible moisture limits.


The robust, easy-to-use M-Sens 2 has been specially developed for online moisture measurement of bulk solids and delivers reliable results. The installation
was carried out here in the material hopper directly downstream of the bagging plant.

The measurement continuously monitors the moisture content. If the defined limit value is exceeded, the process is stopped so that the material can be diverted elsewhere.


  • Prompt monitoring of the delivered raw material (incoming goods inspection)
  • Avoidance of process disturbances
  • Reduction of maintenance effort
  • Quality assurance

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