Asphalt production: EUROVIA chooses ENVEA for dust emissions monitoring
Asphalt production | PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02
Customer: MPRO plant for asphalt production
Context: experiment related to IoT plant – leak detection and continuous measurement of dust emissions after bagfiltrer.
Solution: dust monitor – PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02
The EUROVIA MPRO asphalt plant in Mitry Mory was commissioned in 1988 and modernized over the years. The TSM25 plant was built by MARINI-ERMONT and offers a continuous process with a production capacity of 280 t/h.

The site produces more than 120,000 tons of asphalt each year for road construction sites in the Ile de France region. It is subject to prefectoral authorization for operation and to ICPE (Environment protection) regulations.

These require regular measurements of atmospheric emissions and impose a maximum threshold for dust concentrations in the exhaust fumes.

Interview with Mr. Pierre Beauquesne, Equipment Management at EUROVIA.

What is the context for upgrading the site in terms of emissions control?

The installation is equipped with a bag filter covering a surface area of more than 1,100 m2, which is composed of more than 700 Nomex® type textile bags. It is intended to ensure the filtration of dust-laden raw gases in order to guarantee a weight index fixed in the prefectural decree at 50 mg of total dust/Nm3.

As the filter bags of this dust collector are highly strained, we were looking for a reliable measuring device to alert us immediately if the 50 mg threshold was exceeded.

Installation details:

The PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02 dust leak detector is equipped with an external controller for continuous monitoring of particulate emissions at the filter outlet. It uses the proven and patented ElectroDynamic® technology.

This system is particularly suitable for use on fabric filter dust collectors (baghouses). It allows reliable and robust monitoring of particle leakage from faulty bags.
The sensor, installed after the bag filter, conditions, amplifies and analyzes the dust signal and remotely communicates a secure digital signal to the control unit for configuration, local display and 4-20 mA output signals.
The leak detector is suitable for temperatures from 0 to 250°C and up to 400°C. We have chosen the option of a scanning system as well as an insulating PTFE coating to avoid condensation and acidity.

Did the ENVEA solutions meet your expectations?

We have conducted extensive tests and are fully satisfied with the stability of the measurements and the durability of the PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02. We have therefore asked ENVEA for a wider deployment of this type of device on EUROVIA sites looking for solutions for dust leak detection.
Thanks to the quality of our exchanges with our contact at ENVEA, we were also able to deploy similar devices on other sites in the Ile-de-France region and in the rest of France where the IoT system is not implemented.

The PCME VIEW 370, associated with the Dust Tools software, has thus proved to be a reliable and durable solution for dust measurement. The system is self-contained and allows for easy reporting of emissions without the need to develop a specific internal tool. As it is not yet linked to our IoT system in direct measurement, it has therefore successfully met our operating constraints.

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