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Cairo Oil Refining Company (CORC) new CEMS monitoring project for ENVEA in Egypt
Oil Refining Company | MIR 9000, DM 170 & WEX™
Established in 1982, Cairo Oil Refining Company (CORC) is one of the Egyptian petroleum sector companies, affiliated with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. The company contributes approximately 25% of the Arab Republic of Egypt’s refining capacity.

The company’s production meets the needs of the local market in petroleum products such as (butane, all kinds of gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel…) and they are marketed and distributed by the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. The company also produces some special products such as propane and odorless butane (……), which are marketed by the company.

Cairo Oil Refining Company endeavors to achieve the highest standards of performance in safety, occupational health and environmental protection, and to implement the instructions of the General Petroleum Corporation and the guidelines of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in order to deploy safety system in the production processes.

Cairo Petroleum Refining Company has selected Egypt Scientific, as a result of its wide experience in environmental monitoring and its previous achievements at Mostorod and Tanta refineries, to provide the CEMS monitoring solution for its stacks.

About the project

Egypt Scientific, the ENVEA local distributor, endorsed a proven turnkey gas and dust CEMS solution based on compliance gas monitors MIR 9000 offering excellent performance for multi-gas measurements (SO2, NO, NO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O2) with ATEX sampling, flue gas flow velocity and temperature monitoring and DM 170 particulate monitors.

According to the regulatory requirements, the monitoring systems have been installed in ATEX shelter and connected with the WEX™ DAHS and Software, the ENVEA CEMS compliance reporting solution. It offers centralized data acquisition, overruns & calculated means, Emission Limit Value (ELV) exceedance detection, trend monitoring for early warning alerts, quality assurance, remote configuration and control of measuring devices and automatic compliance report management.

Egypt Scientific company was established in 2001and is considered to be one of the most specialized companies in the environmental field. Part of their expertise are the supply of ambient (AAQMS) and emission (CEMS) continuous monitoring systems, portable & online environmental monitors, environmental impact assessment studies, consulting, environmental measurements.

Egypt Scientific has been cooperating with ENVEA since 2011 and has managed number of ENVEA’s monitoring projects in Egypt:

Air Quality Monitoring Solutions (AQMS):

  • Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company
  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
  • East Delta Power Plant for Electricity Production (Shabab – Ismailia)
  • South Helwan Electricity Station
  • Beni Suef Power Station (Ghayada)
  • West Damietta Power Station
  • Cairo Petroleum Refining Company
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solutions (CEMS)
  • Cairo Petroleum Refining Company
  • Al Nahda Industries Company
  • Assiut Oil Refining Company
  • Suez Oil Processing Petroleum Company
  • Suez Steel Company
  • Al Tebeen Power Station
  • Nubaria Power Station
  • North Giza Electricity Station
  • Royal Cement Factory, etc.