Improving spray painting stations with powder flow monitoring
Automotive industry| FlowJam T
Customer: Car parts manufacturer
Material: Pulverised pigments
Installation: Non-metallic hose
Function: Monitor powder flow


Powder spray lines are an essential component in the automotive painting process. Spray lines are automatically activated in certain time sequences.

One of our customers identified a non-conformity in their painting process. During each run, they found that some car parts were not evenly covered after painting. To combat this problem and to ensure sufficient material was applied, they had to increase spraying time. After multiple runs, unnecessary material was often applied, leading to higher production cost.

In addition, there was no online process information, the only measuring data was the weight difference after each paint run.


The FlowJam T was acquired to monitor nine spray painting stations. With its compact design, and simple adjustment method, it’s been specially developed for powder flow monitoring.

The sensor was installed on a non-metallic line. With the addition of the online powder flow information, the painting process has become streamlined. This enables automatic and quick adjustments in the material injection.

Now, our customer can guarantee the correct application of paint.


  • Time and cost savings through refinement of production sequences
  • Fit for purpose reduces risk
  • Ease of setup eliminates installation issues
  • Low maintenance thanks to non-intrusive parts
  • Compact design is non-obtrusive in painting stations

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