Mass flow measurement for precise dosing of additives in cement production
Cement manufacturer | MaxxFlow HTC
Customer: Cement manufacturer (Germany)
Material/Quantity: Cement 70 t/h, ash 30 t/h, filter powder 20 t/h
Installation: After dosing slider
Function: Measurement of the flow rate for precise dosing


A cement manufacturer puts three materials together in a mixing screw: Cement, ash and filter powder. In order to ensure accurate dosing of the materials, systems for measuring the quantities are installed at the discharge of the silos.
The discharge is controlled via a dosing slide valve.
In this application, a total of three measuring systems are used at the discharge of three silos in a new plant.
The quantity measurement is to be used as a reference parameter for the dosing of the additives.


The MaxxFlow HTC measures high mass flow rates from the exit of pre-feeding devices e. g. screw conveyors, air slides, rotary valves or bucket elevators.
The sensor can be installed in free-fall sections or in an inclined line. It can be calibrated and transmits the exact measurement data to the control system.
Compared to the baffle plate, the MaxxFlow HTC measuring system requires only a very low installation height (310 mm in this application) and the simple EasyFlow calibration makes the sensor an extremely effective flowmeter for bulk solids.
Thanks to the wear-free design, the MaxxFlow HTC is virtually maintenance-free.


  • Robust, durable, process-safe sensor technology
  • Accurate control of the flow rates
  • Simple, fast calibration
  • No installations in the flow
  • Evaluation via field housing or DinRail
  • Connection via Modbus or Profibus possible

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