Detector de rotura de manguito electrodinámico


Detector macroscópico de rotura de filtros con unidad de control. Detecta aumentos significativos en la carga de polvo al informar la degradación del medio filtrante en filtros de bolsa o de cartucho.

The Dust Alarm 40 provides incredible capabilities at a cost-effective price for the continuous monitoring of broken bags in Fabric Filter Baghouses. As a ‘Dust Gross Filter Failure Detector’, the instrument detects significant increases in particulate loading which indicates a failure in the arrestment plant, providing warnings of filter media degradation in baghouses and cartridge filters.
  • The Dust Alarm 40 (DA-40) is an extremely rugged, accurate & repeatable dust measurement device
  • Full colour, icon-driven menu and display
  • Two independent alarm set points
  • Relative dust reading on clear scale 0-100%
  • Dust “Overrange” icon
  • Security setting
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Field upgradable
  • Stacks after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones
  • Variable velocities within range 4-30m/s (typical bagfilter velocity ranges), constant velocity required outside this range
    Typical Applications:

  • Incineraton
  • Metals (eg Steel/Aluminium)
  • Minerals (eg Cement/Gypsum)
  • Chemicals (eg Detergent / Ti02)
  • Food (eg Milk Powder / Tobbacco)
  • Power (eg Boilers/Biomass)
Technical Specifications
Measured parameters Dust
Technology ElectroDynamic™ Advanced Probe Electrification
Measurement/Monitoring capability 0-500 mg/m3*
Stack/Duct diameter suitability up to 4m
Flue gas temperature up to 250°C
Baghouse YES
Cartridge Filter YES
Ceramic Filter /
Coalescent Filter /
Cyclone YES
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) /
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) /
Wet Scrubber /
Sensor variants Stainless Steel
QA checks N/A
*Application dependant
Technical Data
Measurement capability 0-500 mg/m3
Sensor Variants 316 Stainless Steel (standard)
Stack Temperature Ranges 0-125°C standard up to 250°C option
Outputs 2 x Digital Alarm (1 x 4/20mA option)
  • US EPA MACT Compliant BLD
  • ATEX – Ex Zone 2