ProGap 2.0

Barrera de microondas para la detección sin contacto de materiales sólidos y partículas sólidas. Detección fiable de nivel y límites de llenado.

  • Simple and uncomplicated retrofitting
  • Reliable fill level and limit level detection
  • Signalling through relay switching
  • Detection through all non-conductive walls
  • With process adapter up to 220 °C and 20 bar pressure possible
  • With ceramic mounting up to 1,000 °C possible
  • Absolutely insensitive to material cakings
  • Can be used up to a profile of 25 m (larger profiles on request)
  • Compact device – no separate electronics
  • Can also be supplied in short housing with separate electronics
  • Limestone
  • Tiling
  • Waste incineration
  • Cement
  • Building materials
Technical Specifications
Material to measure Dust, powders or granulates
Working principle Microwave
Silo diameter/ detection range 25m
Process pressure Max. 20 bar
Process temperature Up to 1000°C
Mounting 1 1/2 ” threat connection
Place to measure Silos, containers, chutes, pipelines, transition points
Output Relay
  • The microwave barrier is a contactless measuring procedure
  • Can be installed in containers, pipelines, shafts or free-fall sections
  • Range is 0.1 … 25 m
  • If container walls, housings or pipelines are not metal, it is possible to measure from the outside
  • Can also be used under difficult conditions such as high operating temperatures and pressures with the help of a process-adapter
  • The use of microwaves also ensures a high level of insensitivity to any caking on the sensor window
Sensor Technical Data
Material Housing: Stainless steel 1.4571
Sensor-Isolation: POM
Protective system IP 65
Using in Ex-zones Outside pipe: Cat. 3 GD
Inside pipe: Cat. 1/3 G and Cat. 1/3 D
(only with process adapter)
ProGap 2.0-BS
Housing: L 103 mm / Ø 52 mm
Thread: L 30 mm / Ø G11/2
ProGap 2.0-BS Ex
ProGap 2.0-BS Ex
Process temperature -20 … + 80 °C
-20 …+220 °C (with process adapter)
max. 1000 °C (with ceramic flange)
Ambient temperature -20…+60 °C
Working pressure max. 1 bar
max. 20 bar (with process adapter)
Detection range: Leveln 0.1 … 25 m (> 25 m on request)
Detection range: Flow 0.1 … 12,5 m (> 12,5 m on request)
Power supply 24 V DC powered by DIN Rail electronic
Power consumption approx. 1.8 VA
Current consumption max. 100 mA
Measuring frequency K-Band 24.125 GHz (± 100 MHz)
Transmitting powe max. 5 mW
Cable gland M16 (Ø 5-10 mm)
Weight ProGap 2.0-BS approx. 560 g
Weight ProGap 2.0-BS Ex Transmitter: 1.1 kg
Receiver: 1.1 kg
DIN Rail electronic Technical Data
Power supply 24 V DC ± 10 %
Power consumption 3.5 W
Current consumption 120 mA at 24 V
Relay contact Max. rated load: 250 V AC
Max. peak current: 6 A
Max. rated load 230 V AC: 250 VA
Max. breaking capacity DC1:
3/110/220 V: 3/0.35/0.2 A
Min. switching load:
500 mW (10 V/5 mA)
Fall-delay time 0.25 …5 s (continuously adjustable)
Weight approx. 172 g
Protective system IP 40
Technical Data
Pressure adapter Temperature adapter Food adapter High temperature adapter
Material Stainless steel 1.4571,
POM diaphragm
Stainless steel 1.4571,
Tecapeek diaphragm
Stainless steel 1.4571,
Tecapeek GF30 diaphragm
Ceramic diaphragm
Temperature -20…+80 °C Max. +220 °C Max. +220 °C Max. 1000 °C
Pressure Max. 20 bar Max. 20 bar Max. 20 bar Max. 40 bar
Thread G1/2 inch on both sides G1/2 inch on both sides G1/2 inch on both sides G1/2 inch on sensor sides
Wrench width 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm 17 mm
The transmitter and receiver are installed by screwing into a G 1 ½” threaded connection. The device can be installed at any installation height. It is important that the transmitter and receiver have the same installation height. The adjustment takes place with the help of a counter-threaded connection.
A display of the signal intensity facilitates the adjustment. The connection to the power supply takes place on the transmitter and the receiver. The switch output is made available on the receiver. No additional analysis unit is necessary.
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