Dust monitoring for turbocharger at sewage treatment plant
Wastewater treatment plant | VIEW 370 & Leak Alert 65-02
Customer: WWTP in Tokyo, Japan
Material: Sludge flue gas dust
Installation point: After dust collector
Function: dust monitoring


The ceramic filters in a sewage treatment plant (WWTP) in Tokyo were prone to malfunctioning and releasing particulate matter into the air. This posed a serious environmental and health risk for the surrounding community and attracted scrutiny from the local authorities. The plant manager sought a cost-effective solution that would reliably monitor the performance of the filters to give an early warning of filter failure and report emissions in mg/m³ for the local authority. The solution also needed to include local technical support and calibration service to maintain optimal operation of the filters.


The plant manager in Tokyo consulted ENVEA to find the optimal solution for this challenge and after reviewing the application, the VIEW 370 & Leak Alert 65-02 sensor combination was recommended.

These sensors use ENVEA ElectroDynamic™ Technology which is unaffected by probe contamination or changes in velocity and after correlation with an Isokinetic sample, can be calibrated to output a mg/m³ reading.

The system was installed after a supercharged fluidized bed incinerator where flue gas temperatures after the dust collector reach 300-550°C. The VIEW 370 & Leak Alert 65-02 have high temperature options up to 800°C & 400°C respectively and are designed for high quality emission measurement in industrial stacks after various types of filters and driers.

ENVEA ElectroDynamic™ sensors have simple, one-sided stack installation and the “Broken bag mode” enables the early detection and location of leaking or broken filter bags from bag filters. This advanced diagnostic mode enables better operation of bagfilters and lower running costs for the plant operator.

When used with Dust Tools software, the system can also monitor each chamber of multi-chamber bag filters and identify predictive bag leakages and locations of leaking bag rows in single-chamber or multi-row bag filters.

How key requirements were met

An important requirement for the customer was reliability and technical support. Both the VIEW 370 & Leak Alert 65-02 have advanced quality assurance benefits such as Short-Circuit Check and self-diagnosis features to make troubleshooting of the device easier and ensure the sensor is functioning correctly, reducing the time and cost involved for maintenance.

Prompt domestic technical support will be handled by Kansai Automation, ENVEA’s local partner of more than 25 years that specializes in the sales and manufacturing of Level Sensor and Environmental Instruments.

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