ANALIZADOR FTUV (Transformación de Fourier) para Amoníaco (NH₃)


Medición ultrarrápida del parámetro NH3 (Tiempo de respuesta ultrarrápido: < 2 segundos) El uso del rango UV para la medición de NH3 se eligió específicamente para evitar cualquier interferencia con la emisión de otros gases principales. (CO, CO2, H2O, etc.) que no absorben los rayos UV.

  • Very high selectivity and maximum stability thanks to the UV Fourier Transform principle
  • Ultra-fast response time (< 2 sec)
  • High speed DSP processor
  • No risk of interferences or quenching effect due to  CO, CO2 or H2O
  • No internal converter, ultra-low maintenance
  • High lifetime of the lamp (> 1 year of continuous use)
  • Heated chamber (190°C)
  • Touch screen
  • Multilingual software
  • Automatic compensation of pressure and temperature variations
  • Engine exhaust gas monitoring
  • Emission monitoring (CEMS)
  • Process control (DeNOX SCR and SNCR)
Technical specifications
Ranges 0-100 / 0-500 ppm
Lower detectable limit 0.4 ppm
Response time < 2 sec (T90)
Zero drift < 2% F.S. / 24 h
Span drift 2 % F.S. / 24 h
Linearity ± 1 % F.S.
Sample flow rate 0.1 to 5 l/min
Heated block temperature 190°C
Housing Rack 19 ‘’ – 3U
Operating temperature +5 to +45°C
Communication RS 232
Protocol AK and MODBUS